If you don't see me playing around with pandas and python analysing data I am probably enjoying myself puzzling around with some JS and PHP or mentoring Generation Z on personal development and coding.
currently studying life and Computer Engineering (M.Eng)
pythonjavascriptsqlphpweb dev

What my friends say:
'He is an honest and extroverted person who is very interested in his fellow friends. His humorous and intelligent way of communicating with others makes him very likeable. Furthermore it is important for him to represent his own goals and needs as strongly as it is important for him to achieve the best for both sides in his relationships with other people.'



Besides being a huge data enthusiast I absolutely love crunching and analysing data which work as a foundation of my digital strategies in the world of social media and real life.


I realized finding your essence and pursuing true happiness - for yourself and with your friends was the real one piece for me. Today, accompanied by a huge amount of self-awareness and positivity I am chasing my passions and dreams.


Apart from inspiring and supporting my friends, family and students finding their passions, fulfilling my personal ambitions in becoming a data scientist is yet another chapter which is about to get written.